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Dreamcatcher Movement and Wellness is dedicated to your health, movement,
wellness, fitness, and longevity.  We specialize in Yoga, Rowing, 

Functional Aging, Reiki, Personal Training, and Wellness Coaching

Join us from anywhere in the world for a variety of weekly 'live' virtual or 'on demand' classes



Teaching rowing to CrossFitters

Angela Hart is dedicated to health, movement, wellness, fitness, and longevity. Throughout her entire adult life, she has taught, inspired, and created transformative experiences that are positive and life-changing for her Yoga, Rowing, and Group Fitness students, as well as her Personal Training and Reiki clients, athletes, Wellness Coaching clients, and anyone who has come to her for health, fitness, wellness, and movement education. 


Angela has been a competitive rower since 1982 and a Concept2 Master Trainer since 1996. In her capacity as a Master Trainer for Concept2 and UCanRow2, as well as the first CrossFit Rowing Specialty Certification Coach, she has trained and certified hundreds of rowers, coaches, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts around the world. She has been a Yoga Teacher, Master Trainer, and American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and Continuing Education Provider, Group Fitness Instructor, and Wellness Coach for three decades.


She holds a Bachelors degree in Education from Virginia Tech and has taken courses in biomechanics and performance, kinesiology, exercise science, physiology, sports psychology, remedial exercise, myofascial release, and anatomy. Angela is a Certified Personal Trainer and Faculty for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a Rowing Master Trainer for Concept2 and UCanRow2, a USRowing Level 3 Coach, a CrossFit Rowing Specialty Certification Coach and Level 2 Coach, a Lead Trainer for YogaMedCo, a Remedial Exercise Specialist, a Zibrio Balance Specialist, a World Freerunning and Parkour Federation Level 1 Coach, a Functional Aging Specialist and a Lead Trainer and Coach for PK Silver. She also holds certifications in TRX, Spinning, Surfset, BOSU, and BodyBlade. Certified by the Yoga Alliance, Angela is a 200 hour E-RYT, a 500 hour RYT, and a YACEP. Angela is a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach with Fitness4EveryBody for the INOVA Hospital System VIP 360 program in the DC Metro area. 


Angela is also an Animal Reiki Master, a Let Animal Lead Practitioner with the Animal Reiki Source, and the only Shelter Animal Reiki Association Practitioner in the state of Virginia. She is a member of the Reiki Healing Association and enjoys giving Reiki to animals and their companion humans. 


Angela enjoys all forms of wellness, movement, and fitness. She firmly believes that “movement is medicine” and finds great joy in helping others live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the movement classes she teaches weekly, she enjoys hiking, paddling, skiing, and studying how the human body moves, performs, and thrives optimally.


Online Classes
Online Virtual 'live' and 'on demand' Yoga, Rowing, and Surfset Classes

Weekly 'live' virtual online class schedule:

   Tuesdays, 7:00 am EST - Sunrise Yoga Chakra Flow

   Tuesdays, 9:00 am EST - Row & Restore

   Tuesdays, 10:30 am EST - Chair Yoga for Longevity

   Wednesdays, 9:00 am EST - RowFlow

   Wednesdays, 10:30 am EST - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

   Wednesdays, 7:00 pm EST - Row to Relaxation

   Thursdays, 9:00 am EST - RowFit

   Thursdays, 10:30 am EST - Surfset

   Thursdays, 7:00 pm EST - Sunset Yin Yoga

Class Descriptions (cont'd)
Class Descriptions

Join me from anywhere in the world for 'live' virtual classes or enjoy the classes asynchronously 'on demand' using the class recordings whenever your schedule allows. The cost of an 8-week session is $80 and sessions will be prorated for anyone who registers after a session has already begun. Every student receives a video recording of each class, whether they attended the class 'live' or were absent. The class recordings can be enjoyed as many times as you wish for 2-weeks.


If a student is absent from their class, they will receive the class recording in addition to the opportunity to enjoy any other class on the schedule as a 'live' or recorded makeup class.


Each student also has the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one private session on Zoom with Angela for rowing technique refinement, postural analysis, safety check, performance enhancement, goal setting, personal training, wellness coaching, functional aging, Yoga pose modifications, or whatever topic you would like to focus on during the private session.

Our 8-week Winter to Spring session, which you can enjoy from anywhere in the world from the comfort and convenience of your home, is March 11 - May 3, 2024. Registration is open and ongoing unless a class is at full capacity.

To register, please fill out the contact form below or email me at:

Sunrise Yoga Chakra Flow

In the ancient Yoga texts, the morning is considered to be a divine time when an individual’s energy is invited to rise with the energy of the sun. Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are some of the benefits of a sunrise Yoga practice due to fewer distractions at the beginning of the day.  Focusing on a different chakra energy system in the body each week and linking pose flows with the breath, this 60-minute ‘Sunrise Yoga Chakra Flow’ practice will energize your body and mind while nourishing you with a positive attitude to help prepare you for the day ahead. The class ends with time in deep relaxation. All experience levels welcome and no prior Yoga experience is required.

Row & Restore

Combining the total-body benefits of Rowing and Restorative Yoga, ‘Row & Restore’ is a hybrid class that will improve your overall fitness and allow you to achieve a state of deep relaxation. The class begins with 30-minutes of Rowing which will improve your strength, aerobic capacity, and endurance followed by 30-minutes of Restorative Yoga which will allow the central nervous system to calm and relax. In Restorative Yoga, the body is fully supported with the use of props such as sofa cushions, bed pillows, blankets, and hard bound books or Yoga blocks in order to enjoy deep stretching. ‘Row & Restore’ will increase your stamina and strength while reducing stress and anxiety with deep, healing relaxation after a fun row.  No prior Rowing or Yoga experience is required and all fitness levels welcome.



Chair Yoga for Longevity

'Chair Yoga for Longevity' is the ideal exercise to add to your weekly routine. The stabilized motions of Chair Yoga are known to alleviate some of the most common aches and pains, while improving strength, flexibility, and mobility. Once you begin practicing 'Chair Yoga for Longevity', you’ll start to feel a sense of ease and relaxation flow through your entire body. Each week, you’ll notice the tension, resistance, and tightness, that once overtook your muscles and joints, begin to release. Basic skills such as bending over to tie your shoes, rising from a chair, and walking with ease are once again possible. 'Chair Yoga for Longevity' can be practiced by anyone, even those struggling with balance, strength and flexibility. Adding a chair into your practice provides extra support, so you can enjoy stretching, improve range of motion, gain strength and confidence, and enhance your overall quality of life. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.




Combining the best of both Rowing and Flow Yoga, this 'RowFlow' hybrid class is pure fluidity-in-motion. The class begins with 30-minute of Rowing which improves strength, aerobic capacity, and endurance with creative combinations of aerobic steady state with short higher intensity intervals to torch calories, build heat in the muscles, and increase range of motion. Immediately following the Rowing is 20-minutes of Flow Yoga which will improve flexibility and balance while building upon all of the strength and range of motion benefits from the Rowing.  ‘RowFlow’ ends with 10-minutes of stretching and deep relaxation. No prior Rowing or Yoga experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa means “to move with the breath”. In 'Vinyasa Flow Yoga', the poses are strung together to form one fluid sequence of movement. There is something powerful and nurturing about moving with your breath and letting your body flow in new directions. Our ‘Vinyasa Flow Yoga’ class focuses on connecting the physical movements with the rhythm of the breath with a focus on the transitions from one pose to another with less time spent in stationary poses. Each student is invited to make their Vinyasa flow a personal experience to meet their body’s needs. Pose flows can be fast and physically challenging or soft and gentle, a moving meditation, and an opportunity to witness the ways in which the breath holds power over our well-being. The class ends with time in deep relaxation. No prior Yoga experience is necessary and all levels of practice are welcome.



Row to Relaxation

Combining the total-body benefits of Rowing and Yin Yoga, ‘Row to Relaxation’ in an incredible class to end the day. This is a hybrid class that will improve your overall fitness and allow you to achieve a state of deep relaxation. The 60-minute class begins with 40-minutes of Rowing which will improve your strength, aerobic capacity, and endurance using creative combinations of aerobic steady state and higher intensity intervals followed by 20-minutes of Yin Yoga which consists of a series of longer-held, passive floor poses that focus on stretching the hips, pelvis, legs, and lower spine in addition to deep relaxation. ‘Row to Relaxation’ will increase your stamina and strength while reducing stress and anxiety with deep, healing stretching and relaxation after a fun row.  No prior Rowing or Yoga experience is required and all fitness levels welcome.


A total body cardiovascular workout, 'RowFit' will burn calories, sculpt muscles and increase joint range of motion in a non-impact format that is safe and effective for all fitness levels. Using every major muscle of the body and almost 90% of the body’s total muscular system while moving fluidly through the rowing stroke sequence, participants in the ‘RowFit’ Dreamcatcher Crew will increase range of motion and cardiovascular function while building muscular strength. Each class combines steady state aerobic training with short bursts of high intensity interval training in a variety of durations and distances for maximal fitness benefits. RowFit = rowing + fitness + fun. Participants must have access to a rowing machine at their home or elsewhere. Although the class is cued to the monitor features of a Concept2 rowing machine, all makes, models, and manufacturers are welcome. No prior Rowing experience is necessary and all levels welcome.


Inspired by one of the world’s most unique athletic sports, surfing, 'Surfset' is a total body workout. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles while improving muscular strength, aerobic fitness, and balance. Instability training on the Surfset board requires mental focus and physical control which makes the workout incredibly beneficial for both body and mind. Our 60-minute 'Surfset' class is super fun while building balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscles, and coordination. The class ends with time in deep relaxation laying on the board for mental and physical integration of all of the benefits from the class. No prior Surfset experience is required and all fitness levels are welcome. A Surfset board is required for this classs. If you live in the DC Metro area, you can rent a Surfset board from me for $20 for the 8-week session or I can secure a used Surfset board that you can buy and keep as your own for $350 for a lifetime of balance training and Surfset fun. 

Sunset Yin Yoga

When the sun is setting and the day is drawing to a close, there is a magical feeling of the light changing, the energy becoming more peaceful, and another small cycle closing. It is the perfect time to practice and remind yourself of the journey of letting go. ‘Sunset Yin Yoga’ is designed to acclimate your body and mind to the setting sun and the lowering of energy as we prepare for sleep. While enjoying gentle, calming poses with deepening breath and longer, passive stretches, you will nurture yourself by lengthening and releasing all areas of your body that accumulated tension during the day as well as eliminating adhesions in the fascial matrix.  The class ends with time in deep relaxation. No prior Yoga experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.

Monthly newsletters

Click on the links below to enjoy my monthly newsletters filled with motivation, educational content, and class session updates.

In-Person and Special Events

Carlyle House Yoga collage.jfif

Yoga on the Magnolia Terrace ~ Returning in 2024 on Saturdays, 9:30am

Many thanks to everyone who joined me in 2023 for in-person, outdoor Yoga on the Magnolia Terrace at the beautiful historic Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria. I'm hopeful many of you will join me in 2024 when the season of outdoor Yoga begins again with free parking available in the parking garage under the Market Square across the street from the Carlyle House and an amazing Farmers Market occurs ever Saturday morning until noon on the Market Square. No prior Yoga experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. The cost of the class is $10. If you would like to stay informed regarding the upcoming events at the Carlyle House or to register for the Yoga classes in 2024, please visit:

Fall 2023 Flow Hike collage.jfif

Flow Hike ~ Forest Yoga, Hiking and Basket Making, ~ every November

Our Fall Flow Hike, held on Friday, November 17, was an amazing experience and a huge success. After hiking the 3.8 mile loop at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park, with Yoga breaks in the forest and along the beautiful Bull Run waterway, we learned traditional Eastern Woodlands pine needle weaving and basketry in honor of Native American Month. The finished creations were absolutely gorgeous and beautifully unique with the use of feathers, beads, and shells. Join us in November 2024 for our next Flow Hike with pine needle weaving and basketry as well as Eastern Woodlands traditions.

rowing cert at NVCJA in 2022.jpg

UCanRow2 Indoor Rowing Instructor Certification ~ June 22, 2024 from 8:00am - 4:00pm

​Join me for the in-person Indoor Rowing Instructor Training Certification on a Saturday from 8:00am - 4:00pm at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy in Ashburn, Virginia. Participants will learn how to most effectively and safely teach rowing to others as well as improve their own rowing technique for maximal power and efficiency.  This course is a must for rowing coaches, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, rowing enthusiasts, and anyone using a rowing machine for fitness. For more information or to register, please visit

Yoga with cats collage for July 2023.jfif

Yoga with Cats and Kittens ~ Monday, March 11 at 7:00pm and Saturday, May 18 at 7:00pm

Join me for our Yoga with Cats class at Patriot Pawsabilities, a cat lounge near the GMU campus in Fairfax, Virginia.  It is such a fun, unique, and wonderful experience to enjoy a Yoga class with cats and kittens joining us. Our group presence and collective peaceful energy benefits the socialization of the cats which will help them to get adopted into their forever homes. Space is limited so please be sure to register as soon as possible to secure your spot. The cost is $20 and class size is limited to 12 participants. To register, email Angela at or fill out the contact form below.


Certified Personal Trainer and Faculty - American Council on Exercise

200 hour E-RYT, 500 hour RYT, YACEP - Yoga Alliance

Master Trainer - Concept2 and UCanRow2

Functional Aging Specialist - Functional Aging Institute

Lead Trainer - YogaMedCo

Animal Reiki Master and Let Animals Lead Practitioner

Biomechanics and Performance Specialist

Shelter Animal Reiki Association Practitioner

Remedial Exercise Specialist

Zibrio Balance Specialist

World Freerunning and Parkour Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Coach and Rowing Specialty Certification Coach

USRowing Level 3 Coach

Certified instructor for TRX, Surfset, BodyBlade, Spinning, BodyGlide

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach - Fitness4EveryBody

Lead Trainer and Coach - PK Silver



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